Unlock Drag Drop (💧🔓)

Allows a prompt for drag and drop to windows with administrator rights.


  • The operating system does not allow drag and drop functionality from a regular app to a secured app. When enabled, the tool will detect when you are trying to do this, and a drag and drop security converter window will appear. If you want to override the security measure, you can place the cursor over the unlock button until it unlocks. At this point, the tool takes over the cursor in administrative mode, preventing programs with lower access levels from forcing the drag drop to complete. You should now be able to complete the drag drop into programs that were previously blocked.
  • This feature requires that the tool be started with administrator rights. Without administrator rights, this feature will simply do nothing.
  • In the free version, this feature will only support unlocked drops within Simplode Suite and not to other applications.


  • Drag Drop Unlocker (Default: True)
      Allows you to override operating system restrictions on some drag and drop operations to secured windows.
  • Run as Admin (Default: True)
      If enabled, Simplode Suite will try to always have admin privileges. Without admin privileges, some features only partially work and some features do not work at all. Some of these features provide the ability to get admin privileges on demand, but some require restarting the application which may result in the loss of some session level configuration, such as window linking and tab layouts.

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