Display Color Settings (🖵🎨💡)

Adjust brightness and color settings for monitors.


  • Automatically Reload Monitor Settings (Default: False)
      By default, software color and brightness settings are not reloaded when the computer or monitors restart. This setting will routinely check the settings and reload them as needed.
  • Brightness (Default: 1)
  • Hardware Brightness Management Enabled (Default: True)
      If enabled, the tool will try to manage your monitor's brightness. Some monitors/drivers may be incompatible and may not work at all or may work incorrectly. This setting primarily exists as a way to disable the feature if it is not working correctly.
  • Hardware Brightness (Default: 0.5)
      Maybe it can change the brightness on all your monitors...
  • Red Balance (Default: 1)
  • Green Balance (Default: 1)
  • Blue Balance (Default: 1)
  • Blue Light Filter (Default: False)
      When enabled, reduces the amount of blue light emitted by your displays.
  • Gamma (Default: 2.2)
  • Red Gamma (Default: 2.2)
  • Green Gamma (Default: 2.2)
  • Blue Gamma (Default: 2.2)

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