Mouse Button Combos (🖱️Combo)

Enables certain mouse button combos.


  • Mouse Button Combos (Default: True)
      When enabled, mouse button combos are allowed. Mouse button combos can possibly cause delays in processing lesser used mouse buttons (buttons other than left click). When disabled, features that rely on mouse button combos will stop working. If you toggle off and on individual settings that require combo mouse buttons to work, this setting might get toggled back on automatically.
  • Always Use Mouse Hook (Default: False)
      This setting exists to allow you to fix situations where mouse combos might cause unintended side effects, like additional clicks. Mouse hooks are used to customize how the mouse behaves. They add a delay to mouse processing, though often the delay is low enough that it would be impossible to see it. However, because of the delay potential, by default the application tries to have mouse hooks open only when absolutely necessary and for as short of time as possible, but this may cause it to miss some events. If you enable this setting, the mouse hook will remain on and can avoid missing events.

Found in Menus

Cursor Menu (➢⧂)