Memory Limit App (🗔🗜)

Tell the focused app to reduce its physical memory usage.


  • This feature may appear more useful than it really is. Programs use more memory than they need when extra memory is available and will release that memory when it is needed by other apps. Limiting memory usage unnecessarily can be wasteful. Ultimately no matter how smart the computer thinks it is at managing your memory, it is possible that you know better how you plan to use your apps, and for that reason I included this feature despite its dubious merits.


  • App Memory Usage Default Target Mebibytes (Default: 150)
      When setting memory targets for other apps, this value will be used as the default target value.
  • Automatic App Memory Limiter (Default: False)
      If enabled, the tool will try to automatically reduce the amount of physical memory that the apps you have selected are using according to their respective target sizes.
  • Automatic App Memory Limiter Interval (Default: 30)
      This setting is the number of seconds the tool will wait between checks when managing the memory usage of other applications.

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