Ghost Window (🗔👻☞)

Toggles window click-through.


  • Click-through windows allow clicks and touches to pass through them.
  • Toggling this off is a bit tricky. To make it easier you can use the Unghost All Windows (❌👻) feature. There are a couple ways you could do this for a specific window. Clicking the button will impact the active window, so you could activate the window first using the task ring or the task bar. Alternatively, click the button and hold the click as if you are dragging the button. While you keep the left mouse button pressed, you can right click on any window to perform the action on it. This works with most window targeted actions.


  • Ghost Window Control Key Target Toggle (Default: True)
      When enabled, holding the control key while performing a secondary action can select ghost windows. The ghost window action itself will be affected in reverse, as it can select ghost windows by default. For reference, a secondary action is performed by holding a click on an action button and then using the other mouse button to click on a window.

Found in Menus

Window Ghost Menu (👻⧂)