Enable Maximum Power Savings (⚡-)

Enables reduced system performance and reduced power usage.


  • Energy Max Savings (Default: False)
      If enabled, sets your computer's energy setting to the default setting for maximum energy savings. Usually this setting will limit the maximum speed of the processor, so your computer should feel slower while this is enabled. On the upside, it can increase battery life, reduce energy costs, and put less stress on the processor. Also, some computers have inadequate cooling solutions for their processors, which may result in thermal throttling. Preemptively slowing down the processor can avoid this and actually feel smoother. This power setting will likely have other side effects, such as changing sleep settings and monitor timeout settings, which you can check out in the operating system's energy menu.
  • Lock Energy Setting (Default: False)
      On my computer and possibly yours also, some program or operating system service keeps switching my energy settings against my wishes. This setting will switch it back automatically.

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Energy Menu (⚡⧂)