Toggle Ring Menu (🔾)

Toggles the Simplode Suite ring menu.


  • The ring menu system is inspired by my favorite video game of all time, Secret of Mana.
  • I think ring menus are easier on the brain than lists. It is really just a list that wraps around, so it starts off with all of the advantages of a list, but your brain can also use the directional component for fast access.
  • Ring menus are not without drawbacks, of course. Scanning text in a ring is both ugly and inefficient, so simple icons are necessary. Simple icons often need to be learned, as they are usually not completely intuitive.
  • You might want to stick with the action search function or the flyout menus at first until you start recognizing the icons. You can access the flyout menus and detailed information by right clicking or long pressing or hovering the cursor on menu buttons.
  • Touch screen users may more likely want to jump directly to learning the ring menu, as it is designed to be touch friendly.


  • Ring Drag Rearrange (Default: True)
      Allows you to drag buttons to rearrange them within a ring, but only within the favorites ring or the task ring.
  • Hide Ring Menu When Dragged to Screen Edge (Default: True)
      When enabled, the ring menu will be hidden when dragged to the edge of the screen.
  • Ring in Taskbar (Default: True)
      When enabled, the ring control has a taskbar entry which can be used to show/hide it.
  • Launch Menu Ring on Start (Default: True)
      When enabled, the ring will open when the application starts.
  • Toggle Ring Menu with Bump Right (Default: True)
      When you hold the middle mouse button and then press the right mouse button, the menu ring will toggle.
  • Toggle Ring Menu with Right Bump (Default: False)
      When you hold the right mouse button and then press the middle mouse button, the menu ring will toggle.
  • Toggle Ring Menu Mouse Combo Timing (Default: 650)
      This is the number of milliseconds allowed after hitting the middle mouse button for activating the ring menu with the right click. A value of 0 will mean that the middle mouse button must still be pressed at the time of the right click.
  • Ring Notch (Default: True)
      This option puts a notch between the first and last items in the ring in most cases. Disabling this may improve performance.

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