Equalizer Ring (🖌🔊)

Paint a graphic equalizer on the function rings.


  • Equalizer Ring (Default: False)
      If enabled, paints a graphic equalizer on the function rings.
  • Number of Audio Visualizer Slices (Default: 16)
      Controls the number of slices visible in the audio visualizer. Setting this value too high will reduce performance while the audio visualizer is enabled.
  • Equalizer Ring Smoothness (Default: 0.6)
      Lower values can make the equalizer visual more responsive. Higher values can make the equalizer visual smoother.
  • Equalizer Ring Rebalancing Rate (Default: 1)
      The equalizer visualization draws each frequency bucket according to its own historical ranges to maximize visual appeal across the spectrum. This setting controls how quickly the frequency buckets respond to range changes.
  • Equalizer Ring Fill Bias (Default: 1.5)
      The equalizer may appear too empty or too full depending on other settings and the qualities of the sound. You can use this setting to adjust the fullness of the equalizer visualization.
  • Equalizer Ring Frame Rate Cap (Default: 60)
      This limit allows you to reduce resource usage of the Equalizer Ring.
  • Equalizer Ring Disable for Super Ring (Default: True)
      The Equalizer Ring can cause slowness if active at the same time as a super ring. This feature will automatically disable the equalizer ring while the super ring is open.


Found in Menus

Settings Menu (⚙⧂)
Audio Menu (🔊⧂)