Generate Documentation (?🗎*)

Generates the documentation web pages from the current configuration.


  • Generate Documentation Include Favorites (Default: True)
      When generating local documentation, include personal information such as the user favorites ring.
  • Generate Documentation Include Current Tasks (Default: False)
      When generating local documentation, include currently running tasks.
  • Generate Documentation Automatically (Default: True)
      Automatically generate local documentation.
  • Generate Documentation Rerender Images (Default: False)
      When generating documentation, overwrite any saved images with new images. This is needed to update changed images, but since they usually do not change the default is to reuse the existing images for improved performance.
  • Generate Documentation Text File (Default: False)
      When generating documentation, include a simple text file version of the output.
  • Go Directly to Online Documentation (Default: False)
      When enabled, help features will take you directly to online documentation instead of your local documentation files.

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