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Contains window joining functions.


  • Tiling Window Manager Enabled (Default: True)
      When enabled, the tiling window manager will dynamically adjust your windows according to the tiling and tabbing configurations you have enabled. You can disable the feature to pause the tiling and tabbing interactions, and reenable to resume.
  • Window Hover Linking (Default: True)
      When enabled, moving a window over top of another window will cause a window linking menu to appear. To use the menu, hold the cursor over a menu button until the loading indicator completes and then release the cursor. To aid in selecting a window, each window will only be highlighted once per window drag, so if the wrong window gets highlighted, simply drag your cursor outside of that window and the next time you move your cursor over your selected window, the previously highlighted window will be ignored.
  • Virtual Maximize Group (Default: True)
      When maximizing a window that is part of a group, spread the group's windows over the screen instead of performing a standard operating system maximize operation.
  • Window Join Security (Default: Block)
      This setting can protect against an unsecured app joining itself to a secured app. If an unsecured app can do this, it can potentially relocate a secured app in front of your mouse right before you click causing a click on a secured application. This would be a very complicated way to attack your computer, so it would be a very unlikely attack vector, though I still can't let you take that risk by default.
  • DPI Zone Fix (Default: True)
      When enabled, tries to avoid conditions which cause unexpected behavior on multiple monitor systems with DPI differences.
  • Window Border Spacing Adjustment (Default: 1)
      With this option, you can adjust how much the tool accounts for window borders when moving windows in groups.
  • Mitigate Windows Explorer Size Crash (Default: True)
      When performing certain operations on a Windows Explorer window that is below a certain size, Windows Explorer may crash. When this setting is enabled, the tool will try to avoid setting Windows Explorer windows below this size. This bug is not specific to Simplode Suite, but the mitigation feature will prevent the bug from happening even when performing operations unrelated to the tool. It does this by detecting when a Windows Explorer window is resized, and increasing the size if it happens to be too small. You may not actually need this enabled, some users do not experience the issue, but I have enabled it by default because it is a pretty bad first impression of my product if you happen to run into this bug immediately.


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